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Thread: Safe Temps?

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    Safe Temps?
    Hey guy I'm new... Wasn't sure where to post this so here I am!

    So I just got my macbook pro. it's the baseline model, 13 inch. And I'm liking it a lot, just like most other Apple products, but anyways, to my question.

    I got Diablo 3, ( It's the only game I'll be playing on my mac, just to have some fun now and then). And I'm wondering what the safe temperatures are for the cpu cores and what not. Here is what the temps get up to while I play:

    CPU cores run from 90C to 100C and the same goes for the graphics, I didn't check the other temps.. But anyways, is this ok? Will it wreck my macbook or anything like that? Please advise! Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wgoettsch View Post

    CPU cores run from 90C to 100C and the same goes for the graphics, I didn't check the other temps.. But anyways, is this ok?
    Over 90C to 100C is pretty hot...and probably higher than we usually hear from folks concerned about their computers temps.

    About the only thing you can do is try to optimize/assist the MacBook Pro's cooling as much as

    - not having the laptop on your lap
    - not having the laptop resting on any sort of soft surface like upholstered furniture...or on top of a blanket in bed
    - do have the laptop on a hard flat surface
    - operating the computer in an air-conditioned room should help as well

    If temps do get too high...the computer is supposed to have built-in safety measures...that will shut the computer off if it gets too hot.


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    MBP heat
    I just bought a rMBP about two weeks ago and I spent my first week stressing over heat issues and whether the temps I was seeing was within the engineering limits. My rMBP depending on what I am running runs from about 40C to 80C. It has at times exceeded 90C for a short period until the internal fans kick on to a higher RPM.

    I researched many forums and review sites and I have concluded that temp ranges I noted above and the occasional higher temps into the 90C range before the fans kick in is acceptable and within the range the machine was engineered for.

    I have noted no decrease in performance and any of the temps I report. I play Diablo 3 for several hours at a time and do photo editing for similar lengths of time.

    I would like to see apple tweak the firmware a bit to where the cooling fans spin up faster than they currently do. I think to cool the machine earlier than later would improve the longevity of the machine. There is utility software that allows you to set the fan speeds manually. however, I fear deploying one of these utilities since it may conflict with design. I place my trust in Apple engineering and my three year Apple Care.

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    I can't even begin to tell you how many gaming and video sessions with temps in the 90c+ range for 8-10 hours at a time my '06 model MBP has gone through..

    While it can't compete with any of the today's CPUs, after a few upgrades over the years to the RAM, hard drive and the OS, it runs faster today than it did when I bought it.

    Can't tell you they'll all last that long - will say that over a 30 yr span, it's the first one that has remained in use in my house longer than 3 years.
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