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Thread: e815 bluetooth?

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    e815 bluetooth?
    My moto e815 and my g4 iBook are having trouble communicating. I have an external usb bluetooth adapter, which i use with my BT mouse, so i know it works. The two connect, but when i try to send something via bluetooth to the phone, the error is something to the tune of "this device does not have the capabilites..." or something like that, i cant recall off of the top of my head. Any help?

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    It sounds like your phone doesn't support the bluetooth file transfer protocol.

    If you go to bluetooth preferences and under 'devices' select your phone you should be able to see a list of Device services. Your phone needs to support OBEX Object Push & OBEX File Transfer for it to be able to receive and send files like that.

    Some carriers supposedly disable those services, so customers are forced to use their networks to get pics off phones.

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    Well I've got a Motorolla E815 as well and no such luck. It will sync the #s all day. I'm not even sure I can save e-mail addresses on my phone.

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    Well if a verizon wireless phone, the bluetooth is locked. I know this because I work for VW. I have the same phone and the only thing the bluetooth is good for is connecting to a bluetooth headset or car kit. You are unable to do file transfer and things of that sort.

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