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Thread: need to extract files & Safari links - Powerbook G4 - HELP!

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    need to extract files & Safari links - Powerbook G4 - HELP!
    My Powerbook G4 OSX 10.4 has been briefly exposed to a strong magnetic field in the vicinity of the hard drive.

    1) can't open finder
    2) Safari does not open
    3) the many desktop folders of jpegs and document files display the names I've assigned to them but NOT the folder icons - they do not display. I am able to open the folders and view/display the contents, thus the files themselves seem to be intact.

    1) remove/copy desktop folder contents to another Powerbook (or external HD). I tried this with a USB transfer cable (GigaWare) without success as the icon would not open (was not viewable) on the affected Powerbook. Maybe Firewire transfer would work?

    2) remove/copy Safari links to another Powerbook. Since Safari does not currently open I have no clue as to how to accomplish this.

    If I did a reinstall of the OSX 10.4 OS would that affect or delete the Safari links and/or the desktop folders?

    Any thoughts for solving this problem will be greatly appreciated. I have many of the desktop files backed up on external hard drives - but definitely not all - and no backup for the many Safari links gathered over about 5 years.


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    When you connected it to another machine to retrieve your data, was that other machine also a Mac?
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    YES, the other working computer was a G3 Pismo (OSX 10.2) - my only other Mac - but now I'm I'm getting another Powerbook similar to what I have. If this helps.

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