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    powerbook 12-inch G4 1.55ghz 80g 512mb superdrive
    cleaning up my hard drive
    well right now im at 58g but i was at 60g just a week ago.. i havent really downloaded anything new.. just some widgets but im pretty sure i it did not take up 2gigs of space. so when i was a pc user on windows i remember they had a clean up option. does OS X have that???

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    You could try downloading whatsize (it's free). That will scan your hard drive and tell you how much space all the directories on your Mac are taking up so you can delete stuff accordingly.

    There is also monolingual (also free!). It will remove all the (usually) unnecessary localisation packages which can take up as much as 2gb of space.

    Alternatively you could just back up all your important stuff then do a complete fresh install of your operating system of choice.

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