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    problems with OSX Install Disc 1
    for some reason, it says that there is an error in reading my disc or that there is damaged. i tried my sister's cd as well. i dont see any physical damage to the disc and it occurred on two discs. is there a limit to how many times u can use the disc?

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    Well legally you can only install your copy of OS X on the machine it came with (or a single machine if you purchased the single license, or up to 5 in your household with the family license), so you will have to call up apple and ask them to replace the disc's if there is a problem with them
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    Well speaking in non-legal terms, the install CD should technically work as many times as you shove it in a drive. But if it didn't work in two comps, the CD is probably broken.

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    i used my cd for my comp and my sis's cd for her comp. they both didnt work in both situations. so i wondering why this occured and what i can do. is there any other step i can take before askin apple for a new one?

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