Hello all,

I have a black Macbook from around 2006 that had been sitting around with a broken LCD since 2008 or so. I finally gathered the resolve to replace it and it worked out pretty well. I zeroed out the hard disk, repartitioned and did a fresh install of 10.6.8.

I still haven't been able to resolve an issue with the trackpad. It clicks okay but if I do so the left click on my USB mouse stops functioning--it works again if I unplug it and plug it back in. What upsets me is that the cursor doesn't respond to trackpad input whether there's a USB mouse present or not.

Now, as I recall the trackpad stopped working sometime after the LCD broke. I may have found a way to run it with the lid closed so I could run Transmission on it around the clock. This may have been a dumb idea but it seemed brilliant at the time. I will say I can't quite recall if the trackpad broke before, during or after I was doing this.

I've read that power supply could be at issue but I've tried it with 3 prong, duck head etc.

Pardon me if I've given too much information, this is my first post here. I'd really appreciate any insight!