I have a white Macbook upgraded in June with more memory and RAM. I did this because I kept getting the spinning ball which is usually a drive problem and it gave me the opportunity to upgrade to Lion. (kept this computer vs. getting a new Macbook because I'm a casual user and $700 difference).

About 3 weeks in I noticed it wasn't that much faster. When I would plug in my iPhone and iPhoto would open, the ball would spin. I thought it was just part of how it works.

About 2 weeks ago, when working the LA Times Crossword puzzle it froze up. I had to force quit out of Firefox. The same thing happened when I tried it with Safari. I tried it again and I got the message that Adobe Flash had a problem. (can't remember the exact message and I know it's important ).

I installed a newest version of Adobe Flash and I just got the latest version of Firefox.

I have contacted the guy who put in the hard drive but while I'm waiting to hear from him I'm wondering if anyone here has any ideas what this is?

Thanks in advance. Please dumb it down, I'm not technical