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    Macbook Pro Retina/Windows 7 video issues
    Hi, I just got my new Macbook Pro Retina and installed Win7 through bootcamp and I'm having HUGE video/resolution problems. First of all, when the drivers got installed, the resolution was very high and after switching it to a lower one, any application I turn on has a weirdly big font, blurry quality etc, overall most applications look very ugly and I was wondering if someone here has experienced something similar and knows the cure. I didn't have this issue on my old normal white macbook when Win7 was running.


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    What resolution did you set it to? The 2880x1800 resolution of the rMBP is a 16:10 resolution. Setting to any resolution less than native will affect quality, but setting to any resolution that isn't 16:10 will give even poorer quality then a 16:10 resolution. If it were me I'd probably try 1680x1050 or 1440x900. 1440x900 is an even divisor and may give you better quality then other 16:10 resolutions - it takes 4 pixels exactly of the retina display to render a single pixel @ 1440x900 where as it takes (for example) 2.05030849549122 pixels to render 1 pixel at 1680x1050
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