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    Doesn't read the disc
    I have a CD-RW which contains mp3s that was burned from my windows desktop. When i insert the disc into my ibook.. i was able to access to all the mp3s on the CD. However, after i erase the CD-RW using my windows desktop, my ibook couldn't read that disc anymore. When i insert the erased CD-RW into my ibook, it says "This disc is not readable by this machine." Anyone know wats wrong? neye:

    *Problem fixed. Thanks.

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    What is the resoluton to your problem? Your answer may help someone else with the same problem.
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    ok.. i have to burn something into the CD-RW for example a mp3 from my PC again.. Apparently, my ibook can read it if there's something inside the CD... den u got to get Toast for the ibook so u could erase the CD-RW.. and after tat.. u would be able to burn ur stuff on it. :teen:

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