Hellio, I have a new macbook pro and I plan to transfer the content from my old macbook to the new machine with Time Machine and I have a few questions.

I have most of my content (photos, audio, video) on an external hard drive, if i copy everything over from the separate Time Machine drive, will it make my new machine look for the external hard drive where the content is or will it copy everything to the hard drive of the new machine??

Should I connect the external hard drive with the content to the new macbook pro when I do the copying from my Time Machine drive?

How do I avoid having Time Machine copy over older versions of the Apple programs if I do a full restore.

What is the best way to copy over only the data and programs that I want on the new machine??

Are there any other tips for using Time Machine or pitfalls that I should avoid??

Thanks I'm obviously new to the forum and had trouble searching for related posts.,