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    May 01, 2010
    MacBook Pro loud buzzing / grinding

    I have a Mac Book pro mid 2010 which has developed a constant buzzing / gridning which is pretty loud. It is coming from the centre, sort of under the screen and above the key board. It starts as soon as I press the on button and does not stop until I shut down. I have tried reseting PRAM.

    I recently noticed a problem when I was watching videos and the picture seemed to be lagging and causing slight lags in the mouse movement, but with the audio still going. I then opened FaceTime to go on a call and this was lagging to, so I closed it and a buzzing suddenly started.

    iStat says that muy fan exhaust is 2000rpm, is this fast? The CPU temperature is 45.

    Any solutions or ideas as to what is causing the noise?


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    Apr 24, 2009
    MacBook Pro 15" 2.8 GHz
    Unless it's coming through the speakers, only 2 things can cause noises as you described, fan/s or hard drive, most likely a fan. Open it up and listen. The 13" MBP has 1 fan, the 15" and 17" 2. If in doubt, briefly stop the fan with your finger to see if the noise stops.

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    Solved by resetting the SMC !

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