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    To wait or not to wait
    HI all,

    I'm a newbie to this mac pc. I've used m$ + linux for a number of years and im thinking of making a change to mac. My main reason is that ive used linux and unix and i like the flexibility of the terminal...i.e u can run programs and scripts. I've been to the apple stores and those ibooks are so fantastic. Personally I dont think there is anyone other make as beautiful as these macs.

    hat aside, i need some advice on whether it is feasible or not to get an ibook 17" or wait forT the new ones to come out?

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    Welcome to the forums.

    Theres no such thing as a 17" ibook, the ibooks (the white laptops) only come in 12" and 14", the powerbooks (the silver aluminium ones) come in 12", 15" and 17".

    It's hard to say whether to wait or not, they should be out soon as I'm sure you know (there are rumours that the ibooks will be amoungst the first to be upgraded, so if you want a new intel powerbook then you might have to wait a bit more).

    I think if you're not very desperate to get one now then it would be worth waiting and reading some of the initial reviews of the new intels and then make your mind up.

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    I hear the 17" Powerbooks are going to be the last laptops to get the upgrade, also. All the apps you use right now that are made for PowerPC processors will need to be effectively emulated (yes I know it's not strictly emulation. blah blah.). I'm buying a new Powerbook now, just before the intel switch, then waiting until the switch to Intel is well underway before purchasing another Intel mac. I just don't like the idea of PowerPC apps running on an Intel chips. I'd like to wait untill newer versions of my current apps that have been written for intel are out. Barggh!

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    First off, we need to know what you do with your current computer.

    Other than that. I would wait until intel powerbooks come out, and then buy an old PPC from apple's refurbed store. Those will be cheap cheap cheap.

    And they'll work just as well, because Rosetta runs PPC programs at 80% speed.

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    I say go ahead and make the switch-come on over to the world of Mac. Be glad to have ya.

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