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Thread: Power on button not working after attempt to upgrade RAM

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    Power on button not working after attempt to upgrade RAM

    Has anyone experienced something related to this?

    Here is what I did and on what (I have a MBP Ultimo 2008):
    1. Removed the battery/harddrive cover.
    2. Removed the battery
    3. unscrewed the 8 small screws (4 hidden by the battery cover and the 4 visible from the bottom of the laptop).
    4. Removed the bottom cover of the laptop.
    5. Removed the two old RAM blocks.
    6. Added the 2 new ones.
    7. Put the bottom cover on again (not using the screws)
    8. Insterted the battery (I wanted to see if the RAM worked before screwing all the screws in again)
    9. Added the battery cover.
    10 Fliped the laptop over and attached it to power supply.

    The problem is now that the computer now do not respond to me pressing the power on button.

    Even after reversing the entire process and putting the old RAM blocks back in the computer I get no response.

    Do you have any ideas as to what could be wrong?

    Best regards,

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    You could try resetting the SMC. Remove the battery and power adapter if attached, then hold down the power button for 5 seconds. Then refit battery and attempt to power on normally.

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    This is actually a fairly common issue whenever a repair is made to an internal component on a macbook, and it stems from the design of the connection between the topcase and mobo. When you remove the topcase, if you lift straight up it will put a great deal of strain at a bad angle on the connector between the two, and it is very easy to damage it.

    I suggest to remove the topcase again, being very careful. As soon as it is open slightly, reach your hand inside to lift the connect straight up by pinching it between two fingers and lifting straight up.
    After it is up, examine the connect very closely, looking for any signs that it is loose, or signs that the metal leads have bent or broken

    For reference, the connector I'm referring to is on the right side of this picture

    If there is no sign of damage, I suggest doing one more test by seeing if your machine will power on manually vie the logic board.
    You can do this by taking a flathead screwdriver and crossing the two metal leads marked with a power symbol. This is located right under the fan (note that you must disconnect the CD drive ribbon for it to be visible). This is located here

    If your machine starts, then you know that the problem is that the power button is not working, which is almost certainly due to the topcase flex ribbon being damaged. This is very cheap/easy to replace. You can purchase a top case flex ribbon for 10$ or less online and install it yourself.

    Best of luck, Josef

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