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Thread: Macbook pro a1226 toruble with startup

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    Macbook pro a1226 toruble with startup
    Hey all
    I have a macbook pro model a1226 that I bought used for really cheap . It was not working when i got it . I do this for a living and laptop repair is nothing new to me , however macbooks are. So here is what is happening with it I hope someone cant help me figure this out.
    It will only boot if i do a smc resett on it by holding down the power button for about 5 seconds then plugging in the magsafe , however the green light does not light up then and if i unplug it it is unresponcive again till i do the power button thing again. When i do unplug and plug it back in the magsafe light turns green but no responce from power button.
    I have replaced the magsafe board and the power adaptor along with trying the pram and nvram reset. But the only way it will boot is by holding the pwer button down and unplugging it then plugging back in. Im not beyond buying a new logic board if need be but i would think that if the board was bad it wouldnt boot at all. I can get online and every thing runs normal when it is running other than the fans seem to run fast. Any one know if im missing something here or is a new logic board what it needs.

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    So I never received any responses to this post I assume nobody could tell me what it was.

    Any way here is an update on this a1226.
    I finally figured out what was causing the issue with it, and I would have never guessed that this could cause such havoc with a laptop.
    The battery was junk and for some reason on these 2007 model books when the battery is out or completely toast they will not respond to power button with out doing a smc reset every time.
    I called a guy that deals in used boards to order a board for it and first thing he asked was if I get any response from the battery when pressing the test button.
    I told him no I don't , he said get a new battery so I did and it took care of the problem ....
    very strange..................

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    That's a new on me too. Anyway, thanks for providing the fix, hopefully it can help someone else.

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