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    Backing up my MacBook Pro to Time Capsule
    Hi everyone,

    I have a MacBook Pro and also utilize an external hard drive. I use a 2TB Time Capsule for back up purposes in addition to being my wireless router.

    I need to back up about 1TB of data, however I am getting the message "This backup is too large for the backup disk. The backup requires 1.02 TB but only 799.58 GB are available."

    I thought that the most recent back up would just be saved/backed up OVER the existing data that is saved. As an example, let's say that my time capsule was full at 2TB... the next time I did a scheduled back up it would delete the oldest saved backup and replace it.

    Can someone help? I am not overly technical.



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    Hoping someone can help me out on this...

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    ??? No clue. Time Machine deletes the oldest backups to make room for the new.

    Most backups should be in the range of KB or MB or perhaps GBs if you've downloaded a movie file or something since the most recent backup.

    Questions would be:
    Is the backup on that external for this particular Mac?
    Is there any other data stored on the external aside from that single backup file?
    How much free space is on the drive?

    If the only thing on that external is the backup of your MBP, personally, I'd reformat the drive and start a new TM backup.
    And I'd recommend connecting it via ethernet for that size backup.
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    Thanks,.... I'll give it a shot!

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