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    Transferring files from Macbook to Windows 7
    I have just bought a new HP Pavilion G6 on Windows 7, and I currently have all my photos/documents/music on my (very old) Macbook from 2008 running OS X 10.5

    Unless I buy an external hard drive (which I really would like to avoid), I want to try and transfer files through sharing or any other way that I can understand :p

    I already tried using a friends hard drive and it is formatted to Windows so cannot transfer files onto it from my Mac, and I don't really want to reformat it as it has a lot of my friends stuff on.

    I currently have them connected by Ethernet which isn't really doing anything, I have file sharing turned on on my Mac and yet on my Windows laptop there aren't any folders showing in my Mac apart from drop box even though I have enabled a few other folders for read and write access.

    Any help?

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    Kind of like speaking German to a French speaker who does not speak German and vice versa. A lot of specifics are missing in your question, the most important of which is in what format are your photos? If it is simply directories and subdirectories containing JPGs or RAW, or BTM, etc., then the solution is an external HDD formatted to be read by both OSs. If they are in something proprietary Apple like iPhoto or Aperture, the game is entirely different.

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