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    Retina MacBook Pro heat
    I received my 15 Retina MBP two days ago. I was aware before I bought they run hot. However, I still have found nothing concrete as to the actual temperatures the MBP can run at and still not damage itself, I did not buy this to do gaming, but I did test out heating issues using Diablo3. I have experienced heating up to 90C. The temperature drops to around 70C when the fan finally ramps up. The fan appears out of sync with the temperature rise and should kick in sooner. I am using temperature gauge by Tunabelly which may or may not be accurate.

    Does anyone know of any official posted temp operating ranges?

    What is the name of a good fan control software.....and should I be using one to set my fan speeds high when I am going to use a heat generating software?

    So far I am very impressed with this machine. I do have the 2.6 processor with 16 Gig ram and the 500 BG flash drive.

    Thanks for any input advice, I will monitor my post and respond if someone poses further questions.


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    Today I loaded 36 HD photographs from a SD card and one of the cores hit 96 degrees.

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    Thats nothing mine runs 100 to 104℉ if i am doing anything for years now using iStat to measure.but the case bottom hardly gets out of the 80's.

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    Sorry forgot to say 96 degrees celcius.

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