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    Data Recovery from Magnetically Wiped HDD?

    Okay, the facts:

    1) I am an idiot. I plopped a sewing magnet (for picking up pins) right on top of where my hard drive lives on my brand new Macbook Pro (OSX). No back up, extremely important word document. HDD crashed on polar impact. Groans all around, I know.

    2) Connected drive (through serial ata) to my old MacBook and the once 500GB Seagate drive is now reading as unformatted "4.14 GB ST_M13FQ Media." I am assuming file system/partitions are lost/corrupted.

    3) I have tried: DiskDrill, Data Rescue, Phoenix Stellar, and MiniTool so far.

    4) I could care less about the drive itself (I'm still under warranty; of course I will not be telling the fine Apple Geniuses how the drive "suddenly" crashed), BUT I am in desperate need of one single Word document on the drive. I know. I should've backed it up.


    Is there anything, anything at all, that will get this file back for me other than sending it to a physical recovery place? A file system repair program or raw data recovery or playing it backwards on a phonograph or anything at all that would save me from my own stupidity.

    Thank you for being amazing and for your much-appreciated help! I guess I put the ole magnet rumor to rest...don't ever lay a Dritz Magnetic Pin collector on top of your MacBook Pro.

    (I hope this is in the right forum; maybe it should be in software?)
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    I suspect paying a data recovery service is your only real option at this point.
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