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    Any way to upgrade iSight camera in Mac laptop?
    I have an old(2006) Mac laptop that is in need of replacement, but instead I decided to upgrade a few things (ie ram upgrade and new solid state hard drive). I essentially wanted a new computer without having to pay so much for one. One of the next steps is to upgrade the old low resolution built in iSight camera. Does anyone have any experience or can anyone point me in the direction of a howto? Is this even plausible?

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    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    i think and others will probably agree with me here, but your best bet would be to buy a WebCam and use that instead of upgrading your iSight.

    BUT if you are determined then have a look at Laptop LCD Removal Instructions: Apple Macbook, 13.3"

    Please note, it's geared toward replacing the screen, but the iSight is right above the screen and is pretty self-explanatory once you're in there looking at the dissected screen frame.

    Also keep in mind, the iSight itself is only one link in the chain in replacing it.
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    Hey thanks for the info. It is much appreciated. I just got the 3rd gen iPad so the iSight camera isn't at the top of the list of things to revamp. I did, however, come across this guide (for anyone who is stumbling upon this): Installing MacBook Core 2 Duo iSight - iFixit. If anyone has used this guide, please let me know how it went. I can't figure out if the camera offered in this guide is actually an upgrade in quality or not, or if it will even work. This computer is an A1181 and mine is an A1185. Once I figure out if it is a better camera than my own, I may decide to give it a try. Til then I still have a wifi card and antenna, Bluetooth card, and optical drive to replace, plus other general repairs.

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    I kind of feel like a dunce. Apparently the only difference between the two models I mentioned is that one is black and one is white.

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