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    Question convert removed internal HDD into external drive
    I have a 250 GB HDD that was removed from my MBP and replaced with a 500 GB HDD. I would like to convert it to an external drive that I can access from my computer. (Alternatively, is it possible to replace the optical drive with the 250 GB HDD?) The drive still has stuff stored on it, so I do not want to wipe it clean.

    Having never done something like this before, I would be grateful if someone could step me through the process, or point me in the direction of information for doing so. Thanks for any help!

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    Just buy a USB external enclosure (for 2.5" sata hard disks), drop the HDD inside and your done.

    Something like this:

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    I think this will allow you to put the hard drive in the optical drive bay.The page lists the models that it works with. Never used it myself.
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    Thanks to both of you, mrplow and Slydude! After looking at both options and doing some more research, I am going with an external enclosure. First off, it's much less expensive. I'll wait and maybe replace the optical drive with a new SSD later when they've dropped in price. Also, I found that a second HDD would not be protected with a motion-sensing system as protects the first drive.

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