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    Lens reader - apple care coverage?
    So I still have yet to burn a DVD on my powerbook. I bought it in september and tried a number of different brands but kept getting the same error code.
    You can see my original post here - -

    One person mentioned buying a lens cleaner.
    Now, if this was the case, should applecare pay for a lens cleaner? If I went to an apple store, would t hey be able to do anything?

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    No, AppleCare would not cover the cost of a lens cleaner. You can however, take it in to an Apple Store to have it checked out, or call the AppleCare Support line and see if they can either offer you assistance over the phone, or at least send you a dispatch so you can send it in for service.

    Now if it truly were a laser calibration issue, then all of the cleaning in the world isn't going to straighten out or recalibrate the laser. You would need to actually have that done by Apple.

    It certainly wouldn't hurt to try a lens cleaner, as that is something that I would advise on having anyway. It is a minimal cost, and it is a very helpful item to have around.

    Plus, the last poster in your original thread did post a very helpful and informative link for you. I would check out that link again for some updated information.
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