Hi everyone.

About 6 months ago I spilled a very small amount of water on my 2009 MBP 13". It seeped into the chassis right by the space key. I immediately turned it off and upside down to save damaging the logic board. I left it that way for well over a week.

When i turned it back on I was not surprised to find that the keyboard no longer worked. First it only typed in caps and shift+ variations, then it spurted out all kinds of gibberish in symbols I've never seen before. I left my beloved laptop lying in a drawer for nearly half a year.

Over the weekend I decided to give it new life by installing a new keyboard. It was a simple enough process and gave me a chance to inspect the logic board and make sure there was no damage. Today, after putting everything back together I've discovered that my laptop will only boot in safe mode.

Once I am booted up I can only type in caps as before. All the keys work but only in variations of 'Shift + key'. SO ALL CAPS & !@ etc. No more gibberish but not at all ideal.

It boots in safe mode with an external keyboard but all the keys work normally and this is how I log in with my password.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Keyboard is brand new. Could it be the logic board? I spied no damage on any part of the board. Everything else is in full working order. It simply appears that the computer 'thinks' one of the shift keys is depressed when neither are.

Appreciate any input.