OK, here's a puzzle. Am using a MacBook Pro with a USB cable to connect to a camera and phone. The USB cable actually is USB-USBmini (which gets me to my camera), and a USBmini-USBmicro adapter to get me from there to my phone.

Now with the USB-USBmicro combo, I plug in to the rear USB port on my MacBook Pro, and everything is fine. My phone charges nicely. But I plug it in to the front USB port, and the laptop shuts down. Boom. Well, that's a bit odd. OK, so I do it with my daughter's MacBok Pro, and *exactly* the same thing happens.

This kind of suggests that (1) my cable is hosed in some way, perhaps a partial short and (2) that MacBook Pros have a front USB port that is somehow less resilient to partial shorts than the rear USB port.

Umm, any ideas?