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    Putting macbook pro in a car fully charged 7hours?
    I put my macbook pro in a car for 7 hours, it was 79 degreed outside then i come to the hotel room and plug it in. The amperage shows negative 3 Is my battery harmed, then i look again on coconut battery and its still the same load cycles and everything BUT! The may design capacity says 5770 while the 2011's i saw said 6000+ My macbook is fairly new

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    Was it in the sun? The sun will heat up your car much past the outside temperature, and as you probably know batteries hate the heat.

    I wouldn't panic just yet, but keep an eye on coconut battery and see if the capacity reading goes back up eventually. Though, the true test is how long it actually holds a charge, not the readout of a widget. On a day off, compile a bunch of work you need to do and get it all done at once without the charger plugged in, and see how long your computer lasts.

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    Thankss bro, i figured out draining it to 80% then charging it up a dayy helps my battery since it keeps the electrons flowing ( i think )

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