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    outputting video from a source into a Laptop
    I have a boat that has a multi function device (MFD) with a display. The display has a DVI output in the back and I would like to hook this into my macbook pro or my macbook air so that I can display images sent from the MFD to the Macbook.
    It appears that the MacBooks (and most other Apple devices) are set up to transmit images to other devices but not to receive.
    Video capture devices are not acceptable due to lag time before the image is displayed (not good if you are night navigating). Even the Apple support people couldn't tell me if this could be done.

    Does anyone here know?


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    There may be a way, but for now the only Mac that has a video input port is the 27" iMac. Not exactly portable.

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    Thank you.... I think I have the problem solved. A separate monitor that drops from the ceiling

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