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    Worth it to repair my MacBook?
    Hi all,

    I have a 13" aluminum unibody MacBook. It's now coming up on 4 years old. Similar machines are going on Craigslist in my city for between $550 and $700 CDN.

    It has served me well, but is starting to show its age. The panel near the front on the bottom of the machine is not perfectly snug, though it doesn't currently seem to be at risk of coming off. The battery needs to be replaced. Most serious, though, is that the display is now occasionally (and increasingly often) going crazy. I'm not really sure how to explain it. The picture just goes nuts. I suspect there is a loose connection between the display and the motherboard and/or video card. When I adjust the position of the display or even lightly tap behind or the side of the display, the picture goes back to normal.

    How much do you estimate these problems would cost to fix? Is it likely that they will cost more than the current value of the machine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by himynameisphil View Post
    How much do you estimate these problems would cost to fix? Is it likely that they will cost more than the current value of the machine?
    You mentioned 3 problems:

    - loose panel
    - battery needs replacing
    - display issues

    The loose panel is mostly cosmetic. The display problem could be a loose or frayed wire...and the old battery is an old battery.

    If you were able to open up the computer & diagnose the display problem (and possibly fix it (could be an easy fix))...then I would say keep the computer.

    But if you need to pay to have the display troubleshooted & repaired...and purchase a new battery...then I would say it's probably not worth paying to have it fixed. Also...if the battery was the only issue...then I would say get a new battery.

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    There are guides for getting to the display over at ifixit

    I have replaced Macbooks screens twice, its quite a job but you may find that the connector is loose and that will be job done
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    Assuming you get it all fixed from Apple:

    Battery = $130
    Fixing display = ~$350 (from experience)
    Fixing front panel (top case) = $200-300 (online research...could be wrong about this)
    Total = ~$750

    You're already up about to how much your machine is worth if you go by your numbers from Craigslist. I'd say just save up for a new machine.

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    The display could be the cable from the display to the board where it bends a lot when you close the lid. Seen that many times.

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    Id say keep it, turn it into a desktop with a DVI dongle to a Cinema Display or even a nice 23-24" LED display from ASUS or ACER. throw a KB and Mouse on it and you got a nice little compact setup.

    I have an old Macbook1 (1.83 CoreDuo) that is on its 3rd battery, second power cord, second hdd. and still running like a champ. Bought a new (leftover) late 2011 MBP 15.4" from bestbuy for $1300. and it, like my macbook1, should last me another 7years.

    I regret selling my G5 Powermac and G4 Macmini, so I wont sell another apple computer, unless its broke....

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