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    HDD install in Refurb MBP with factory SSD. ?'s Help wanted
    Hi everyone,

    My names Shane. I just got a late 2011 15inch refurb macbook pro with the factory SSD. What I am looking to do is add a Scorpio Black 500 to the Optibay and max out the RAM while I have the case opened. Ive found tons of videos and pages about how to add an SSD with a factory HDD. Adding a HDD to a factory SSD has proven not as easy. I realize this is probably basic for most of you but its all pretty new to me so I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge. I have the drive, caddy, tools and RAM all ready to go. I just want to make sure I have the correct info before opening her up.

    What Im looking to do is run the OS and Apps on the SSD and of course put my music, pics and other files on the HDD.

    Question 1: Should I make a copy of my SSD on to the HDD? (Actually multipart, sorry)

    The one thing I didn't buy is a usb HDD dock. I don't mind waiting for one to arrive in order to do this properly. Should I buy that first? If yes what way would you recommend? Do you have a link or breakdown where I can read how to do it properly?

    Question 2: What actual folders and/or files should be copied over to the HDD (iTunes, iPhoto and whatever other space hungry folders you might think of?)

    I thank you all for going through all of that and for any and all input you have. This is all as an investment really for my new job. Hopefully everything goes well and this all pays itself off over the next few years....... Once again thanks for putting up with my noobishness. I really do appreciate your input.

    All the best,


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    Adding a HDD alongside the factory SSD shouldn't be any different than the other way around. It actually should be easier, since you'll be taking data off the SSD instead putting on limited data.

    Answer 1: no, you shouldn't need to, just drag and drop the stuff you want on the HDD, and make sure it copies over correctly before you delete it from the SSD.

    2: I left the home folders on the SSD, and just copied over the media libraries to the HDD. When you do this, make sure you change the app settings to use the new location for your media so it knows where it is.
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    Excellent. Thank you very much sir.

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