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    RAM needed for MS Office + IBM Lotus Notes 8.5

    I've just bought a refurbished MacBook Air 11.6''
    2GB RAM
    64 GB Flash
    (model end 2010).

    I thought that the RAM was upgradable but it is not.

    My use is mainly professional, I use :
    - IBM Lotus Notes 8.5
    - MS Office
    - Safari

    Do you think that the use of these applications will be compatible with the 2GB RAM or should I cancel my order ?

    Thanks for your advice,


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    Safari will run fine - it comes with the OS so you know it will work. It does, however, leak memory (keep eating it up) so if you notice the machine slowing down and you haven't quit Safari in a while, restart Safari.

    The Office 2011 system requirements state that you need 1GB of RAM as do the Lotus Notes system requirements.
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