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    Okay, I won't lie, I'm a newbie at this, and I apologize if there is already a similar discussion about this. The problem I'm having though is getting seriously annoying and I am desperate for some help.

    I purchased a MacBook Pro just a few months ago...late January, early February? Something like that. My family receives Internet through Verizon Fios, and so the router we had was provided by them. My Mac connected to it fine when I bought it, no problems whatsoever. However, recently, the router died, due to the fact we had it for quite some time and the number of devices connected to it grew and grew and grew. No biggie, Verizon replaced the router with a new one; same model, new connection. However, the issue I'm having is that my Mac will not connect to this new router. The day that it was set up, I clicked the WiFi connection list, the name of the router popped up, and I attempted to connect to it. After I entered the password it seemed to be fine, in fact it even said it was connected, but immediately after an exclamation point was over the WiFi icon and it said that it was connected but with no Internet connection. I clicked the alert and it had me go through the network diagnostics, but still no luck. I did it several times, made sure the password was correct, etc. but still haven't been able to properly connect. At this point, I'm really not sure what to do. My computer connects fine to other WiFi connections (the hotspot through my dad's cellphone, local Starbucks, etc.) and all of my other devices, including my iPhone and iPad, connect to the new router perfectly.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate any help I can get. This issue is getting frustrating because, of course, I essentially have no Internet...I've been running off my dad's cellphone hotspot, but of course that kills his battery and isn't incredibly strong. I also just bought a brand new printer and can't use it without a strong WiFi connection

    I don't have the router information (model, serial number, etc.) on hand at the moment, but it's written down somewhere, if needed.

    Thank you!

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    If it's a Verizon FIOS router, it's probably an ActionTech. First, make sure Verizon registered the new router. If they didn't get it into their system properly, there's no way you're going to access the internet.

    The Verizon ActionTech routers automatically default to WEP and use a hexadecimal password for access. That password is located at the bottom of the router on a plate. Of course Verizon expects you to change it when you setup the router.

    Have you accessed the router's internal menu yet? If you don't know how, call Verizon tech support and have someone walk you through the steps to access the menu and get the router setup correctly.

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    if you can get into the router, you can tell if the problem is:

    (a) between the router and verizon
    (b) between the routers wireless port and you

    To get into the router just plug an Ethernet cable into it and your mac. Setup a new 'location' in your network control panel (so you can make changes but switch back quickly to your regular location).

    Under the Ethernet port in your network control panel choose manual setup. By default the Actiontec router has an IP of

    Set your own IP to something like it (e.g. with a subnet mask of and a router of Hit apply and see if you get a green light next to the Ethernet port item in the network control panel. If you do, open a web browser and connect to

    Click on the "status" item -- it should tell you if your router is connecting ok to Verizon and if your wireless port is active.
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    I think your keychain is remembering the old router and confusing it with the new one - so try this: turn off wifi, open network prefs>Advanced and delete the network from the list (then OK, Apply), then open keychain access (in Utilities), and search for ALL instances of the router in your keychain and delete them.

    Turn wifi back on again and join the network for the first time.

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