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    swapped displays- now won't boot

    Thanks in advance for any help provided with this:

    I swapped displays between two white macbooks (one was cracked). Now the macbook with the new screen can only just boot past the chime and the apple logo and then- kernel panic! - "you need to restart your computer........" big long error message OR the BSOD.

    Tried safe mode, it's no better.

    Booting in verbose mode i see the error "GFX0: family specific matching fails" and "display: family specific matching fails"

    Is there a way to make the macbook happy with the new display?

    Thanks again.

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    Are you sure both displays are interchangeable? If they are, the best I can suggest is to go back over your work to make sure everything is connected correctly. For step by step details go to iFixit: The free repair manual.

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    Display Family matching? Almost sounds like some MB's use different displays and they are not interchangeable! I sure HOPE I am wrong!

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    Jul 12, 2012
    Thank you chscag and thank you dtravis7!

    I guess the displays are not exactly, perfectly interchangeable. But I have hopes that there is some kind of hack to get around the mis-match. It's driving me crazy because it has worked- twice- but not for long. It mostly just crashes now...

    BTW I used this video as a guide to the screen swap
    DIY Classic MacBook LCD Install - Part 1 - YouTube

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    Jul 12, 2012

    both donor and recipient macbooks are model MacBook 1,1. So the display should work.

    I've learned that the mac's firmware queries the display for compatibility upon startup.

    So I need to hack the firmware somehow to get past the kernel panic.

    Anyone know how?

    Thanks again.

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