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    Question MacBook Pro retina display - restart due to problem?

    I am new to Mac and OSX, and my first Apple product (besides an iPhone) is a MacBook Pro with retina display that I got about a week ago. Since I don't know too much about owning a Mac yet, I was wondering if anybody could help me with the problem I've been having.

    Instead of always shutting down my computer when I'm not using it, I sometimes just shut it (the monitor, physically) and leave it be until I return to work. However, I've noticed for the past two days or so that when I come back to start working again (after a few hours of not using the computer), I see that it has had to restart due to a problem. It doesn't give any information related to the problem (besides details of the report, which I can't decipher), so I have no idea why it's doing this. It's also a new computer, so I'm kind of concerned.

    Can anybody help me understand why it might be doing this? It's happened twice now. I'm not sure what sort of information would be helpful to give in finding the problem, so I'll leave it at this.

    Thank you

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    Since your new Retina MBP is only a week old, I recommend you take it back to Apple and let them figure our why it's doing what it's doing. If it's a defect, they'll swap it out for a new one. You have a no questions asked two week return on the machine.

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    Ok great, I will probably do that. Thank you.

    However, I looked on the Console to try to find the details of the report again. I noticed these messages:

    5:08:27 PM configd: network configuration changed. (This was the time I left.)
    6:18:27 PM hidd: MultitouchHID: device bootloaded (I think this is when it restarted.)


    8:45:11 PM kernel: Previous Sleep Cause: 5 (This is when I logged back in and found it had been restarted)
    8:45:11 PM kernel: Previous Shutdown Cause: 5

    Looking up that shutdown cause, apparently it is a normal cause and will appear when shutting down from any "normal" ways. (Shut down from menu, after a certain amount of time, etc.)

    Could it be possible that I have a setting to shut down or restart after an hour? Currently, I have a setting to go to sleep after 10 minutes, so that would explain why it restarted exactly an hour and 10 minutes after leaving.

    (I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this type of post)

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    Unhappy Macbook Pro Retina logs me out 5 times in 3 days and wallpaper keeps reverting.
    I've just received my macbook pro retina on 16th July 2012. The first 3 days the machine seems to be working fine with no problem. However the 4th day onwards, things begin acting strange.

    I was doing my work on it and suddenly it shows the login screen. When I log in, all my windows are still there except for Photoshop CS6 and Titanium which crashed and restarted.
    Yesterday, when I was using my machine only for Titanium, the loggin screen shows up again while I was actively using the machine. This time, I was not using Photoshop, only Titanium. And yes, it restarted. My colleagues are using the same new Mackbook pro retina and are also using Titanium on their machines but they didnt have such problems.

    Also another weird thing is my desktop wallpaper keep reverting to the previous one that I selected. Example, initially my wallpaper is Mt Fuji. Next day, I changed to the Moon.
    Later in the day, the Moon wallpaper became Mt Fuji again.
    I changed to the Beach. Next day, when i switch on my machine, the wallpaper is the Moon.
    I changed to Flower last night. And this morning, it is the Beach. It's driving me crazy!!

    Does anyone has similar problems?

    ps: this is my first time using macbook pro after been using windows all my life and certainly this is not a good experience for me.

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    "Reverting" wallpaper
    The wallpaper issue is an easy one, it's probably set to change every so often. Go into System Preferences -> Desktops & Screensaver and see if you have the "Change every:" box checked.

    As for the log-in screen issue, that's different that the restart problem I'm having, which is more like the opening poster's issue. The lovely thing about Apple is that you can make an appointment to take it to any Apple store and have it looked at in person by a tech instead of trying to talk to someone in India who may or may not have any clue what you're trying to describe to them. Definitely don't hesitate to take advantage of both your warranty and your free 90-days of support (3 years if you bought Apple Care). I've been a Mac user for many years, and I've never had a bad experience at the Genius Bar. Only once they couldn't fix my problem in-house, and even then they mailed it to Texas (from Michigan), fixed it, and had it back in my hands within 48 hours.

    Good luck, and I hope you come to love your new Mac!

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