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Thread: Powerbook G4 wont start up - Logic Board or Fan?

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    Powerbook G4 wont start up - Logic Board or Fan?
    Hi all,

    I know it's an old machine (PB G4 a1046 1g) but two weeks before I upgrade to the MBP, it's died on me.

    Plug it in (battery only lasts 5 mins nowadys), turn it on and all I get is the noise from the hard drive arm moving into place and the slight electrical hiss you get when the machine is asleep. No chime, no fan noise, no screen action. The machine then heats up pretty quickly.

    All I did was wake the machine up (asleep overnight), dismout the firewire HD, close the lid putting it back in sleep mode, and move the machine upstairs where I plugged it in and woke it up to find the mouse cursor stuck/frozen (not that uncommon). So I held down the power button and that was that....

    I'm thinking it's either the logic board or the fan. My question is: does the fan run from the logic board? (ie, it's not firing up because the board has blown a fuse) or does the logic board need to recieve a signal from the fan for it to boot the machine up? (ie it's a broken fan)

    I hope i've explaind the situation well enough and that someone can offer a little advise.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Based upon your fault description, there's a high possibility the logic board has failed. Your PB G4 has 2 fans, neither could cause the symptoms you describe.

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    My guess would also be the logic board. At this point, its worth more in parts than anything else. Pull your hard drive if you want, then sell it. Realistically, it's not work repairing.
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