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    MBP - SSD + HDD + OS X + Windows 7
    I've looked for an answer to my particular question using the search function, but failed to locate it. I apologize ahead of time if the question has been asked before.

    What I have is an early 2011 13" MBP running 10.7.4. I recently removed the 320 GB HDD that has Windows 7 Home Premium and Parallels 7 already installed as a partition in addition to Lion. I replaced the factory drive with a Sandisk Extreme 240 GB SSD. I have taken the 320 GB and put in the place of the optical drive.

    The main reasons for even using windows are:
    1. Quicken Deluxe as many people say the Mac version is less than desirable.
    2. AnyDVD (which I will use via external optical drive)
    3. Microsoft Office 2010 (I also have Office 2008 for Mac, but prefer Windows version.)
    4. It would be nice to have the storage for documents, some pictures, etc. But, most pics go to my NAS (Drobo FS)

    My questions are how should I proceed from here?
    1. Should I install Parallels to the SSD and map to the 320 GB HDD or can I even do this?
    2. Could I get any other suggestions on how to optimize this setup from anyone that has perhaps already successfully done it?

    Thank you all. I've been stalking the forum for several months, but I have never posted before.

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    Welcome to the forums, but I will defer to others on your questions as I don't run Windows on my Mac.
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    So do you want to move OS's to the SSD then have the 320 as a spare?

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