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    Installing MacBook pro hardware?
    Hello, I have a black MacBook (very old machine). I am wondering if I can upgrade the hardware like the screen, the top case and bottom case. I have a site that sells them (I won't post it since it might be advertising).
    Any ideas?
    Also is it possible to hook up a larger screen to it? I think it's either 13 or 15 I'm interested in 17" since I need it for graphic design. (perhaps get a bigger case for it). I'm completely new to this so I don't know.

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    Hi and welcome to the forums.
    In essence you won't be able to Upgrade per se but you can replace at a cost. The only Hardware that is upgradeable is the RAM and HD. The Black MacBook is a 13 " but there are ways to hook up External Monitors if you like. I have my 13" MBP hooked into my 46" HDTV.
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    Hi, thank you.
    The cost doesn't matter much. I am a very heavy graphic designer, I take a lot of time on the computer for designing (university applications and artgroups) so I would love to replace my current specs with something that can handle hours of usage and many running programs.
    I am not really interested in the hooking up part since I own a Mac Pro and already have a monitor with it. I will mainly be using my laptop for outdoors (its summer so I tend to work outside). I would love to replace the screen with something as big as 18" or 17". I read about barebones but I have little, or rather, no clue about them. I am just interested in increasing the performance and the screen size.

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    You wouldn't be able to change the screen size like that

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