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    Laptop died twice?!
    First of all, I'm working with a 2010 MBP Unibody. It has Lion 10.7.4 installed.

    A month ago, I replaced the internal drive with a Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid SSD drive. About two weeks later, I noticed the computer was acting up - programs were freezing randomly, that sort of thing. Then one night I turned it on and it just sat at the spinning startup icon for hours. I turned it off, turned it back on, then I got a folder with a question mark.

    The next day, I played with booting into verbose mode, and also repairing permissions with the system disc. I got the system booted, but even stranger things were happening now - files were not writable, mail accounts couldn't be read, Google Chrome profile wasn't readable. And, at this point permission repairing was no longer working for some reason.

    After a ton of research, I was told this could be either A) my drive failing or B) the system permissions got completely screwed beyond repair. I decided the best and fastest plan (I'm a gigging musician who uses this laptop frequently) was to replace the drive with a new one (not a Hybrid this time, I just went on Newegg and found the most recommended 750gb 7200rpm drive). Fresh system install.

    Fast forward to last night - same EXACT thing happened - programs start freezing, then the startup taking forever, and now the question mark.

    What is going on? Is my motherboard screwed up? I am very close to ordering the new Retina laptop now, but I need to be able to sell this one if I don't keep it.

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    There is a strong possibility the flex cable from the logic board to the hard drive is playing up. This cable also includes the IR and sleep bracket fixed to the top case front. I've seen quite a few fail when customers have replaced their own hard drives. I always take extreme care never to stress it around the point it's fixed by 2 small screws. This is just one possibility I've seen many times.

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    Hm. I suppose I haven't been too careful about some of the ribbon cables in there if that's what you mean. Can I replace them myself? Is it possible to test them??

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