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    I need a new logic board…anybody???
    After buying what I thought would be a good donor iBook clamshell (366MHz), it's not going to be a compatible donor for my zapped clamshell (466MHz). The logic boards are different, and not interchangeable. I've delved deep into both, and found that my logic board is fried. :mad:
    I was hoping to swap hard drives, but my original 8455mb drive won't fit the donor's logic board...I guess that there's a correlation between the MHz of the board and the hard drive...
    The hard drives are read as follows:
    For the fried-out 466MHz clamshell: 8455MB; 10.05GB
    For the 'donor' 366MHz clamshell: 6007MB
    Clearly different hard drives for each, but I would have thought that the differences would have been only internally, & more of a capacity thing than anything. They're the same size/shape & have the same plugs, however the pin arrangements are different for each.
    For the 'donor' 366MHz, the pins look like this (the number of each row is an estimate):
    However for the 466MHz, the pins look like this (the number of each row is an estimate):
    ............... ....
    .......... .........
    In other words, for the 466MHz there is one missing pin on each row on the logic board. The corresponding plug on the HD has small white fillers in the corresponding hole where the pin is missing on the logic these little fillers prevent it from plugging into the 366MHz board.
    Obviously there's a reason for this, which I don't know.
    The only way that I could get the HD from the 466 to fit into the 366 is to somehow get those little white fillers out...which would require a jeweler's drill, or something like that. Nothing I want to risk.
    Is there any way to transfer the data on my 466 to my 366....or any Mac? Unlike the 366, my 466 has a firewire, but it won't power up.

    Anyway, I'm trying to find either somebody who's parting a 466MHz clamshell with a good logic board, or a good source for repairing the logic board. I can see the damaged components, and I know the cause of the failure (coffee shorting out the circuitry). It appears that the repair would be minor, but beyond my knowledge & capabilities.

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    ebay is the best place!

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