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    Spilled Water On Macbook Now Screen Wont Work
    I spilt a little liquid on the hinge of my macbook pro which I mistakenly thought was just a hinge so wiped it clean and continued to use the machine. Within a couple of minutes the screen flickered and as I went to shutdown it all went black. This was 2 hours ago, i've left it off open and in front of a fan but the screen remains black
    If I turn it on now. The sound and keyboard are responsive and it SEEMS that the machine is working and the screen is dead. I bought the macbook second hand so only paid around 500 therefor if this is a costly fix it's a write off for me. Anyone know what might be wrong? How to fix it? Any chance it will magically get better or have I titally fried the screen?

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    Please read through our Sticky Post at the top of this forum - same subject.

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