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Thread: MacBook 1,1 Hard drive

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    MacBook 1,1 Hard drive

    I am new to Mac Forums as a member but have viewed your site many of times before. I recently got a deal on a MacBook Core Duo with a slightly chipped top case (keyboard) for 250$ from Mac of All Trades . Here is my question. I opted not to add the 640GB hard drive for 88$ because I had a 1TB SATA drive. My issue is that it is 12 mm. I have not yet received the Mac but was wondering if anyone put a 12 mm hard drive in a non unibody white MB. I sure hope I can because I was too stupid to look at the 1TB I had and now may be stuck with a minuscule 60GB until I get a new drive . I want to thank every one in this community since my switch to Mac 2 years ago and look forward to being a part of Mac Forums.

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    Putting a 12.5 MM drive in that machine is not recommended as it may overheat or possibly not fit at all when the bottom cover is closed. Save the drive for use as an external backup and instead buy a 9.5 MM drive. Internal SATA drives are not expensive.

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    Not exactly the answer I was hoping for but you are 100% right thanks

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    Agree completely with chscag. That 12.5 MM if it even does fit will cause issues.

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    throw the drive into an external USB3 enclosure. (even if your computer doesn't run USB3, its fail safe for the future. Enclosures cost ~5-20$. Well worth it IMO and the 640GB drive you currently have is perfect.

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