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    Jul 06, 2012
    Acquired a PowerBook 180...
    I found a PowerBook 180 in my grandmother's garage, and made this account just to ask what I should do with it.

    I'm a programmer, so it can really be anything. I just don't know what it can do.

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    That was a pretty good machine for its day. It was introduced in late1992 but discontinued in May of '94.

    If you have the 180c it is capable of color graphics. The max. screen resolution was 640 x 480 with 4 MB memory standard and 14 max. It could take Operating systems from Mac OS 7.1 to 7.6.1 if the info I found is correct.

    There are versions of Microsoft Office that ran on this machine if I remember correctly. Its a bit slow though with a 30 MHz processor.
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    Jul 06, 2012
    Unfortunately no color graphics on this one.

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    He must have a 180 then without the c. I have the 170 which is pretty similar and B&W. Great machine for it's time but nothing much you can do today besides word processing and other similar stuff. I was able to surf the web WAY BACK with Netscape Navigator 3 but that will get errors on any modern site. Mine still works great and is maxed out, but not much you can do today with it.

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    Seems like you have a new decoration :-D

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