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    Macbook air keeps shutting off and wont turn on while plugged in
    Alright so my friend brought me his Macbook air to try and fix for him, it keeps randomly shutting off, at first it lasts roughly 5 minutes before it shuts off but after the first time it usually only lasts a minute tops. He told me it only started doing this after he dragged something into the trash. Also it will not turn on while its plugged in, only while its running on battery.

    I decided to just try re installing lion but it just restarts halfway through the installation, so im pretty stumped on what to do.

    I am by no means a mac expert, i usually work with windows so i need some help


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    Is his MacBook Air still under warranty? Apple warranty is one year from date of purchase unless he bought the extended warranty (Apple care) which would extend that an additional two years. If it's still under warranty, take it to Apple for repair.

    The symptom you describe could be a bad power supply (logic board), bad flash drive, or even memory (which is soldered to the logic board). Or, for that matter, any other defect on the logic board causing it to shut down.

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