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    Increasing RAM memory
    Hello everybody!

    I'm new to this forum so I hope I place this in the right section.

    I have a macbook pro early 2011 15" with 4G 1333 RAM.
    My question is:
    Can I upgrade it to 8gig 1600 RAM? Or do I have to get the 8gig 1333 RAM?
    What's the big difference?

    And just another simple question, does gaming performance increase if I get an SSD drive?


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    For your memory question I'd suggest going to

    Look up your model on there (you'll need your processor speed) or you can let their system scanner do the leg work.

    This will tell you exactly what you have and what can be supported.

    As for the SSD question. SSD is just fast storage (assuming a high quality SSD is used). Anything accessing the disk will get faster read/write times than a standard issue 5400rpm HDD.

    So you can expect faster load times certainly. But in game..... this really depends how much the disk is used in game. This will vary game-to-game.

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    Thanks alot!
    It tells me that my mac is compatible with max: 16gb DDR3 10600. So I'm assuming that it's possible to get 8gb 1600 RAM.

    What is the main difference between 1333hz and 1600hz? And is it possible to combine these like 4gb 1333 and 8gb 1600 together?

    Sorry for the loads of questions!

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    In my experience of RAM upgrades - you will always get the best results equal partitions between the two sticks.

    My assumption is that you have two RAM slots each capable of holding 8gb:

    if you want to upgrade fully i would get 2x compatible 8gb RAM Sticks as opposed to mix and matching.

    If you want to just upgrade to 8gb - i would do the same with 2x4gb sticks but keep them the same brand and type.

    Someone please correct meif i am wrong but the access speed of the RAM is faster for those with higher numbers which i think denotes 'better' spec hardware.

    Hope this helps


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