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    Own a 15 MBP and want MBA
    Okay so I just got a Macbook Pro 15in and I am starting college in the fall and the Macbook Pro is a lot to carry around with text books and I don't know if I should look at getting a Macbook Air 11 to take to classes and to work. The only problem is i am a computer major and don't know if i will have to take the pro with me anyway because of the power of the computer. Help?

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    Stick with what you got. You've made your purchase...make your life less complicated and try not to worry about it!

    The abilities of the 15" will come in handy in other areas.

    - Nick
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    15in Anti-Glare 2.6GHz i7 8GB Ram 480GB SSD
    Thanks Nick for the quick response another question I had was have you had any experience with the OWC data doubler I already purchased a 480GB SSD and have that as my primary drive and want to add the 750GB HD that came with the system to install windows on for school didn't know if you knew how reliable it is? also if your system ways much less after doing this? Anyone that can answer?

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