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    Upgrading my MBA SSD question
    Hi everyone,

    This will be my first time upgrading any type of hard drive. I planned on ordering one from SSD for MacBook Air 2010 or 2011 - OWC Mercury Pro Aura Express Sandforce Driven. I have all my data backed up via Time Machine through my WD MyBook External Hard drive. My main questions are:

    - Will I lose my programs (i.e Microsoft Office, etc), if so...

    - Would I just have to re-download them?

    - Once the new SSD is installed, I'm assuming I just restore from the back-up or use the mirgration?

    I appreciate the help and any tips you think I need.

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    Once the SSD is installed and you install OS X on it, you can restore from the Time Machine backup and it should copy over all your data, settings and installed programs.

    Your best option though would to also make a clone of the drive before you remove it. That way if anything were to go wrong restoring from the Time Machine backup, you still have everything.
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    When I have done OWC upgrades in the past I go the kit that included an inexpensive enclosure for the drive. This creates an external USB drive. I put the new SSD in the enclosure. Cloned the old drive from the Mac to the new drive in the enclosure (USB connected). Then I swapped the new drive into the Mac and voila. I kept the old drive in the enclosure in case I needed a backup. Everything I needed for that was provided by OWC.

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