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Thread: MacBook Air flash storage

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    Jun 30, 2012
    MacBook Air flash storage
    Like many MacBook Pro users, I am considering buying the new retina display Pro. Since I have not dealt with the flash storage of the Air, I would like to learn more about the reliability of the flash storage from Air users. So, MacBook Air users, share your good/bad stories. Is the flash storage reliable enough that you would recommend it?

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    Flash is much more reliable then a disk drive is in my opinion. I have used my SSD for almost 2 years no and have had no issues or slow downs. I am pretty sure the SSD in the MacBook Pro is replaceable .

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    HECK YEAH! Low power consumption and fast boottime/writing speeds. And it's great knowing that I don't have a drive with a spinning disk that could break at anytime.

    I've only been using my MBA for 2 months, but I've been using SSD's in my PC builds for about 2 years. They are the definite future!

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    Much more reliable, cooler running, longer lasting and much quicker to respond than a HDD. But expensive.

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    I agree with the others. More durable than a spinning disk. You will see things about wear out. This has to do with the cells that store the information. It was a concern years ago. But not nearly as much anymore - especially if you are not using it as an enterprise server pounding a database 24/7 with huge volumes of I/O orders of magnitude beyond what an MBP could process. And the technology has advanced considerably in the last couple of years. Algorithms for spreading the I/O evenly around the drive and for over-provisioning the cells should some go bad a few years from now they have "spares" built in.

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