I was dj'ing and my mac book pro slid off the table and fell on the top right corner. It bent the frame slightly and crunched the glass around the area of impact. The glass also cracked several times across the screen. The problem though is that led cuts off randomly. I turn my mac book on after a while and the screen will work and then it will turn off like its shorting out and the mac will make the sound like its trying to wake up from sleep mode but the screen wont come around. If i turn it off and back on i get the blue loading screen but then it cuts off again. After leaving it off for a while it'll work but i need to fix it. When i hook up an external monitor it works fine so I think somethings wrong with the led. I have a replacement led screen and i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice, should i replace it my self or send it off for a diagnosis to a repair site or apple. My warranty is no longer valid. Thanks