Hey all,

I wasn't certain where this particular issue would fit best, as I'm having issues with Windows 7 crashing as well, making me think it's more of a hardware issue than a particular OS. I apologize if I've posted this in the wrong area.

A bit of background information on this issue:

I purchased my MBP in mid-2009, and was running rock solid until I did a trio of upgrades. This consisted of a new hard drive (Seagate Momentus, 500GB hybrid drive), 8GB RAM (can't remember the brand, 2x 4GB), and Mac OS X Lion. The RAM I bought was 1333MHz and seemed to work fine, but I've since underclocked it to 1067MHz. Memory tests using Memtest86+ consistently pass with no errors.

In an attempt to narrow down which upgrade is the culprit, I had put the old hard drive in and performed a fresh install of Snow Leopard. The original RAM had also gone back in, and things seemed fine for a few weeks, other than a rare system crash. I noticed that Snow Leopard had been running in 32-bit mode, so I configured it to run in 64-bit mode, after which the system crashes came much more frequently.

As the system seems just as (un)stable with the old hardware as it is with the new hardware when running in 64-bit mode, I've put the new RAM and hard drive back in which is running Lion.

Has anyone else come across this particular issue, and if so, what was the verdict? I'd prefer to have Lion/Windows run in 64-bit mode if at all possible. Thanks in advance!