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    Jun 29, 2012
    How to Solve the Over Heating Issue?? Sorry, You Can't !~!
    I have a Mac Book Pro, Air, and a few apple products. You guys never learn from complaints. It's over heating. This is beyond ridiculous. You advertise your system to be great for all this video and picture editing. But when anyone uses anything like those programs, the first thing they will notice. Is the that Fan kick up and run high the whole time. While internal temps can reach up to 200 degree solid.

    Anyone who has a computer knows that this is not a good thing. This will lead to the whole thing melting down and frying. Guess what, Mac's coverage doesn't cover Over heating. Because they will try to tell you it was your problem and that you didn't have it in a proper location for ventilation. They told me this with 2 of my Mac book Pros.

    Mac get it right. You have a great system. Great Aluminum style and format. But you Lack any type of space for air flow. Which is absolutely ridiculous and idiotic. I'm tired of having to get gel ice packs just to watch Youtube videos.

    Do something about it. Make a docking bay, that anyone can buy. that adds space to the bottom so that their is airflow. I'm talking about completely removing the bottom of the laptop. Then screwing in a new bottom that has better engineering to it. Even putting the computer on a Docking bay with Fans. - - -Does NOTHING. Stop trying to sell them to me. They don't work.

    IS ANYONE listening when people who buy the products actually give feed back.. I'e had this thing for years, yet no word on any type of issue change. It wouldn't cost much to make a bottom case to the laptop make it .. 4mm thicker. so it gives a space the there is better airflow. Better air management.

    Thicker for better airflow that doesn't over heat - 4-5mm differenece, can allow drop suppression. Also gives you options to accessorize your Mac book; buying new bottom plates for better air flow. JUST SAYING Ya'll!~

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    Jan 23, 2008
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    Do you realize you're not communicating with Apple? These forums are peer to peer (users helping other users) and are in no way affiliated with Apple. If you have a complaint or suggestion contact Apple direct.

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