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    Retina Image Quality?
    Ive been reading a lot about the retina macbook pro screen, and the fact that image quality on unsupported apps (such as firefox) is poor...
    What I can't seem to find is what is meant by "poor"
    Is it worse than a non retina display, the same as non retina (no advantage), better than non-retina, but not as good as full retina support?????

    Also, I wouldn't be able to invest heavily in new programs, so would forum members advise against buying retina if apps are older, or slow to be supported???

    Finally, firefox is just one frequently quoted "problem app" with retina macbook...
    In the real world, is limited support going to occur much? is it a deal breaker?

    Thanks friends...

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    Don't believe everything you read regarding apps and the new Retina display. Since the Retina with it's very high resolution is so new it's naturally going to take some time for app developers to catch up. I would not let that stop me from buying one.

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