Alright, i'll try to make this as short as possible.

I've noticed my hard drive has been failing over the passed few months. I need to repair it almost weekly.

I bought a new hard drive all is good I'm thinking no problem i'll
1) boot to disk utilities from the LION usb thing.
2) format the drive with a mac partition
3) install using my Time Machine external hard drive via USB

it will get about 20% and then fail saying can't restore from time machine

I try different dates but get no where. This is very time consuming as it takes 45 minutes to get to 20%.

I figured i'll install it fresh do all the updates and use migration assistant to copy my users and applications over.

after installation fresh doing all the updates about 3 hours later I open up migration assistant and it doesn't see my **** time machine. Yet I can browse it and see that it's there in finder.

I'm lost now don't know what i should do now.

any help?