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    Repair Cost? Topcase Ruined A1211 Macbook Pro
    Hello my name is Dnany.

    Recently I tried to take my macbook pro apart on my own because the fans were getting noisy and I needed to blow some dust out.

    During the process however I wasn't using logic and screwed up the top case of the macbook. Most of the pieces of orange tape found underneath the top case are unattached completely and the top case now looks very deformed.

    So I was wondering how much would it cost to replace the whole topcase?

    The macbook itself still turns on its just that the keyboard doesn't work along with the touchpad.

    I am not completely aware of whether anything else is damaged but I didn't touch anything on the inside when I opened the macbook up besides gently wiping out some dust.

    The macbook itself is very important to me as it has tons of books on the hard drive and I really want to be able to use it again.

    If anyone is confused on the part that I messed up then heres a video on the part that I'm talking about.

    Help is appreciated.

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    Go to:

    - PowerbookMedic

    They should have the part you need. A top case for your MacBook Pro is around $50 used & $250 new.


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    Thanks for the help!!'

    Does the topcase of the laptop also include the keyboard and the touch pad?

    I tried opening up the top case of the laptop again and sadly I couldn't get the whole thing off. For some reason the keyboard stood attached to the inside when I first tried opening it up so as a result of putting to much pressure trying to take it off It ended up looking deformed...

    Thankfully though it looks like the ribbon cable is still attached.

    I don't want to mess it up any more than it already is so I tried to take pictures of what I could.

    I took some pictures of how most of it looks that way you guys can see if anything is wrong.

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    Uploaded with

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